The return of the premier league (and my bad luck)

So the premier league was back from its break and I decided that it would be a good time to continue with my betting posts series.

The bet

Everton vs West Ham – draw
Stoke vs Burnley – Stoke
Newcastle vs QPR – Newcastle

The results

For the Everton game I wasn’t sure wether to go for an Everton win or a draw I went for the draw as it was at a good price and both teams seem to be pretty even in terms of form. Lukaku scored at 26 mins making it 1-0. I wasn’t worried at the time as I knew that there was still time for West Ham to come back and get the equaliser. The equaliser came at 56 minutes after a deflected Zarate shot went in. The lead only lasted 17 minutes Everton went back in front and ruined my treble.

Stoke went 2-0 down early, and weren’t able to come back. They scored one in the first half, but it wasn’t enough, Burnley were able to hold on and take the three points.

The only game I got right was the Newcastle one, but by that time it didn’t even matter anymore.

So far
Placed: 4.00
Returned: 0.00

Either I don’t know enough about football to do this or it is too difficult, I’m going to go with it being too hard! Hopefully I might actually get a return next time i do it!


The Not so Fantastic Four

After conceding four to City in our last game, I’m going to look at the four main problems with the Spurs at the moment.


I do not normally like to say a bad word about lamela, he hasn’t had much time at the club, but I do feel he needs to improve. He’s to blame for the goal against Arsenal, the first against City and arguably the first penalty (although I would’ve had it down as a dive). He certainly has some quality, but he’s not showing it at the moment and his mistakes are showing to be costly. I feel his place should be given to someone else, until he can prove he deserves it.

Individual errors

Time and time again you see our players make mistakes. I’ve just singled out Lamela, but he’s not the only one, many others make mistakes that lead to goals. This is something that needs to be stopped, otherwise points will be thrown away, and there won’t be any chance of us getting top 4.

No consistent striker

We don’t have a striker that scores regularly. Adebayor literally scores when he wants, if he can be bothered he is brilliant, if he isn’t bothered, he is terrible. Soldado proved he is a good player, with his performance against City, but he still hasn’t got his goal scoring record on track. He missed a penalty, but had a much better overall game than Adebayor has had recently. We really do need to buy a striker in January.


We need to sort it out in two ways.

The first is the fans. They treat Spurs as a top 4 club, which we are not. When a player misplaces a pass, there’s moans around the stadium, the players are not perfect, we as the fans, need to get off their backs and start supporting them. I really think the atmosphere needs to improve, it can only have a positive impact on the players. If we stop having such a high expectation it will take the pressure off the players and help them to play well.

The players also need to change their mentality. When we are down by a goal or two the players seem to almost give up – it doesn’t seem like they want to try to make a comeback. If you look at the Man City game, we did initially do well to equalise, but then at 3-1 we didn’t go for it anymore, whether this was because we were a man down I don’t know. There was one point that stood out to me the most, Townsend had run to the City half, but there wasn’t anyone in the box, Eriksen and Soldado were the closest but neither were in a good position. It’s almost as if the players had given up hope for the game by that point. Maybe if the atmosphere was better, it would rally the players more in these situations and make them want to keep going.

Why Soldado IS a £26 million player

Despite how poor he has been during his time, I still think he has got the quality that warranted the fee we paid.

The problem
The problem is something that has been pointed out time and time again: he doesn’t get any service. You will often see him drifting out wide, just to get a touch of the ball. The problem is, he needs to be in the box, he needs be waiting there ready to pounce on an opportunity and capitalise on it. Being a lone striker makes it harder because he can’t do that, he has to be more involved.

Selling him is NOT an option. If we sold him to pretty much any team he would score a lot more then he does now. This is especially true if we sold him to a team like Arsenal, they can’t a high amount of chances in a game, and supply their striker quite regularly. When they were relying on Sanogo, you could see they needed a striker that could actually finish, and they did buy another one.

I don’t think we do need to buy a new striker, I just think we need to change our style of play to help Soldado out and make sure he is getting the supply he needs to score goals.

Soldado isn’t terrible, he just needs much more support from the rest of the team, and this something that will need to be addressed by Poch if we want any chance of challenging for one of those top 4 spots.

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A “Spursy” treble

I did another treble for this game week, continuing my series of betting each week and then writing about how bad it worked out to be.

This weeks picks
Spurs, Southampton and Leister all to win.

Stake: 1.00
Potential returns: 13.90

The results

Southampton comfortably won their game 4-0 meaning that I had easily got one game right.

Leicester won 1-0 despite only having one shot on target. I had a feeling that Leicester would win, after seeing their performances in the previous games, and it turned out to be a very good call.

Lastly I bet on Spurs. I don’t normally do it and I won’t be doing it again anytime soon. After leading 2-1 some terrible defending leading to a Harry Kane own goal caused it to finish 2-2 ruining my treble.

So far
Total placed: 3.00
Total returned: 0.00

Don’t bet on Spurs, they’re one of the only clubs that will draw with a team that only had one shot on target.


With the season still seeming like a long way away, and only pre season matches to entertain ourselves many people end up spending their time on twitter following accounts known as ITK accounts. These accounts claim to be “in the know” and their aim is to post transfers before you will see them anywhere else. I don’t think these accounts are reliable but I still think they can be worth following.

Their Sources

Most of the time they seem to just take information off each other which obviously isn’t as reliable as sources such as sky sports etc. It also seems that they just make educated guesses based on other news and what agents have come out and said, which again isn’t always fully reliable.

Accounts I’ve seen

I once followed one of the first itk accounts known as agent itk, and at first it seemed like he knew what he was talking about, but then he made a promise to spurs fans, a promise that Leandro Damiao was coming to spurs. That didn’t happen and he was humiliated.

There was also a Chelsea dedicated itk account a couple of years ago that said Hazard would go to Chelsea before he went there. He got it right and people thought that meant he was trustworthy. He later came out saying that he made the account for a laugh over the summer and getting transfers correct was just a lucky guess.


Overall I would say it might be worth your time following these types of accounts because it helps you to keep up to date with the latest transfer gossip, and not miss out on any rumours. I wouldn’t use for anything more than that though, don’t take their word, and believe what they say will happen, just use it to get an idea of what’s going on in the footballing world.

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Nabil Bentaleb-First Team Material?

Nabil Bentaleb featured in the first team 15 times last season, which is impressive considering he is only 19 years old, but did he deserve his place in the team or was it another mistake by manager at the time, Tim Sherwood?


Nabil has been given 8 awards in total by squawka for good play during a match. This includes 3 best player of the team awards which is particularly impressive as it shows he is able to out perform our best players at such a young age. He was also given 3 for best possession of the ball which highlights his ability of keeping and passing the ball. He also won 2 for best defence, this shows that not only can he keep and pass the ball successfully but he can also track back and help out the defence when he is needed to.

Overall Opinion

Overall I would definitely say that I am glad that Bentaleb was introduced into the first team. He has already showed signs that he deserves a place in the squad if not the first team, and at 19 years of age he can only improve. I would also say he is extremely under-rated, even by spurs fans. I would put this down to the bias some spurs fans had against Tim Sherwood, which caused them to dislike everything he did,including the introduction of Bentaleb. Although I personally didn’t like Tim Sherwood, I do think that his decision to include Nabil in the first team was a good one, and it should be something we, as spurs fans, should be thankful for. I would also say that if Bentaleb was in Manchester City’s or Manchester United’s squad, possibly even the Arsenal squad, people would rate him much higher then they currently do.

His Future

I’m sure that Bentaleb will turn into a quality player, so expect him to be involved in a transfer scandal involving Spanish paper Marca and Real Madrid, in a few years time!

All stats from

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A Hipster’s Guide to the World Cup- Teams

Is backing Brazil or Argentina to win the World Cup too mainstream for you?! Well I’ve got the answer to your problems!

Alternative teams:

The most obvious country to choose would be Belgium. They’ve got a good, mainly young squad with a lot of talent. They proved their worth with a 2-1 comeback in their first group game against Algeria. They are a highly recognised team and expected to do well.

Another good team to back would be Croatia as I wrote about in my previous post(see here: they’ve got a good team and play good football. Although they lost to Brazil in their opening game, they proved they are a team worth including. Also with their 4-0 win yesterday, they’re even more impressive.

One country you should keep an eye out for is Columbia. They’ve got players such as Armero, Zuniga and Monaco midfielder James Rodriguez. They’ve already proven they can do well with an impressive 3-0 win over Greece.

Uruguay have a trio of good forwards, with Cavani, Forlan and Premier League top scorer Suarez meaning they’ve definitely got some firepower if nothing else, but with a tough group including England, Italy they may not even qualify for the later stages.

Costa Rica may not have many recognisable names but they’ve proven they’re a decent side and can certainly create chances. They were able to pull off a 3-1 win against Uruguay and might be able to pull off an upset and qualify over England or Italy for the later stages.

Chile will definitely be worth looking out for,as they have shown they’re a good side by confirming their place in the next stage of the competition after a convincing 2-0 win over world champions Spain, knocking them out of the World Cup. They play good attacking football that has already seen them score an impressive 5 goals in 2 games, only conceding 1.

My last team is Bosnia and Herzegovina. They’ve got Manchester City’s Eden Dzeko and Roma star Miralem Pjanic who had 7 goals and 7 assists for Roma last season and was given an average rating of 7.48(from Also with a narrow loss to Argentina, they’ve shown they are capable to play well and create chances even against the best teams.

Here are the odds of each team winning the World Cup (accurate of the time of writing the blog):
•Belgium 20/1
•Croatia 200/1
•Columbia 33/1
•Uruguay 100/1
•Costa Rica 250/1
•Chile 20/1
•Bosnia and Herzegovina 150/1

The chances of one of these teams winning the World Cup is 16%, not too bad seeing as we’ve not gone for any of the majorly popular teams!

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