Levy- Hero or Zero?

Levy, the penny pinching wheeler dealer is hated, or at least disliked by many spurs fans, but is that fair? Does he deserve the stick he gets from some fans, or should he be given some more credit?


Deadline Day

Levy has become known for his deadline day bargains he manages to bag every year (bar last year where we spent our bale money early on).
He has been able to get Robbie Keane back at spurs after a short spell at Liverpool, we also got Rafa Van der Vaart, and Niko Kranjcar on deadline day deals, resulting in them being cheaper than if we had to buy them earlier on. Niko and Rafa proved to be helpful in getting us our first champions league spot ever. We also got Clint Dempsey who scored vital goals for us including against Man United twice. Another major transfer for us on deadline day was Hugo LLoris who proved himself to be one of the key men at the club, he makes key saves time and time again, which often prove to be vital in the outcome of the match.

Last Season’s Transfers:

Most people see last season’s transfers as a failure but I think that is wrong. Lamela has already been labelled as a flop but he is yet to make a start in the premier league so how can he be a flop if he has yet to have had his chance to show his true ability?! Soldado didn’t have the best of starts to his Spurs career but i believe he still has a chance to turn it around and start scoring regularly, especially with the right manager. Paulinho hasn’t been as good as he should’ve been for the price we paid, but I believe it’s at least partly due to him being played in the wrong role, most of the season he played without a defensive midfielder along side him meaning he couldn’t go as far forward as he would’ve liked. The last day of the season showed this when Sandro played along side Paulinho when he scored and played a lot better overall. Capoue played brilliantly in his first few games until he was struck with injury. We also got Nacer Chadli, who I don’t think is goof enough for the 1st team. Christian Eriksen was definitely our star signing, he proved week in, week out why he deserves a place at the club.

New stadium:

The new stadium was something that was started by Levy and is something we should definitely be thankful for. A new stadium will definitely help the club to grow, it can help with an increase in revenue as well as increasing the club’s reputation.


I wrote a lot about managers in one of my previous posts(see here: https://fernandesfootball.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/spurs-then-recently-and-the-future/) but to sum up what I said, I think our new appointment will help to bring our club back to winning trophies.



Levy is known for his negotiating and this normally causes him to be quite unpopular with spurs fans. We can sometimes miss out on transfer targets because of his need to get a player for as cheap as possible, which obviously can be frustrating as a spurs fan.

New stadium:

Although the development of a new stadium is a good thing, the only real progress we’ve seen from it is the new giant Sainsbury’s near by. This isn’t exactly Levy’s fault but it still isn’t great.


The only problem I have with Daniel regarding managers is the sacking of AVB, I don’t think he should’ve sacked him if his replacement was going to be Tim. Aside from that I think levy has made the right call with managers.


I would put levy as a hero, he normally makes good transfers which improve the quality of the squad. His negotiating means that we are able to get the highest amount of money we can for a player, this was shown from the sale of Bale to Real Madrid, he probably wasn’t worth £86 million but he was still able to get that much for him. I would definitely say I’d rather have him then most chairmen out there, that’s obviously not including the sugar daddy ones!

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