The return of the premier league (and my bad luck)

So the premier league was back from its break and I decided that it would be a good time to continue with my betting posts series.

The bet

Everton vs West Ham – draw
Stoke vs Burnley – Stoke
Newcastle vs QPR – Newcastle

The results

For the Everton game I wasn’t sure wether to go for an Everton win or a draw I went for the draw as it was at a good price and both teams seem to be pretty even in terms of form. Lukaku scored at 26 mins making it 1-0. I wasn’t worried at the time as I knew that there was still time for West Ham to come back and get the equaliser. The equaliser came at 56 minutes after a deflected Zarate shot went in. The lead only lasted 17 minutes Everton went back in front and ruined my treble.

Stoke went 2-0 down early, and weren’t able to come back. They scored one in the first half, but it wasn’t enough, Burnley were able to hold on and take the three points.

The only game I got right was the Newcastle one, but by that time it didn’t even matter anymore.

So far
Placed: 4.00
Returned: 0.00

Either I don’t know enough about football to do this or it is too difficult, I’m going to go with it being too hard! Hopefully I might actually get a return next time i do it!


A “Spursy” treble

I did another treble for this game week, continuing my series of betting each week and then writing about how bad it worked out to be.

This weeks picks
Spurs, Southampton and Leister all to win.

Stake: 1.00
Potential returns: 13.90

The results

Southampton comfortably won their game 4-0 meaning that I had easily got one game right.

Leicester won 1-0 despite only having one shot on target. I had a feeling that Leicester would win, after seeing their performances in the previous games, and it turned out to be a very good call.

Lastly I bet on Spurs. I don’t normally do it and I won’t be doing it again anytime soon. After leading 2-1 some terrible defending leading to a Harry Kane own goal caused it to finish 2-2 ruining my treble.

So far
Total placed: 3.00
Total returned: 0.00

Don’t bet on Spurs, they’re one of the only clubs that will draw with a team that only had one shot on target.

‘Arry Redknapp’s (not so) triffik treble

For this weeks bet I was able to speak to Harry himself. I saw him near Tottenham ahead of this weekend’s game and he was kind enough to bring his window down to talk to me.


I started by thanking him for taking the time to talk to me, to which he said “no problem at all mate, you’re one of the propa people in football, not like most of the journalists these days”. I thanked him for his compliment and went on to ask him who he’s backing this week…

The bet

“I’ve gone for Millwall for my first team, they’re in triffik form and I can’t see Rotherham beating them today. I’ve also gone for Swansea, they put in a triffik performance last week, winning at Old Trafford, they’ve also got triffik players like siggy in their team, Burnley won’t get a point ‘ere! My last team is Villa, they played triffik last week and I can see them winning again.”

I thanked him but asked him why he didn’t even mention that his QPR team were playing against his old team Tottenham this weekend. He replied saying “well it’ll be a tough one to call, Spurs are a triffik team with triffik players but they’re not a top 4 side like when I was managing them before I got sacked, but that’s football, I’ve moved on to QPR and I’ve got some triffik players ‘ere and it could be a close game”

I thanked Redknapp for taking his time out to talk to me, he put his window back up and left.


Villa drew against Newcastle meaning the bet was over before it even began, a 0-0 stalemate meaning the backing of Villa was incorrect.

Swansea continued their impressive start to the season with a win, meaning at least one prediction was correct.

Millwall lost 1-0 to Rotherham meaning another incorrect result.

After another week of doing poorly, I have come to the conclusion that I am cursing any team that is included in my bet, therefore I will be betting on Arsenal from now on! All jokes aside I think I need to do more research before I lose all my money.


Placed: 2.00
Winnings: 0.00
Profit/loss: -2.00

Accumulator-Start of a dream

The season came underway on Saturday, and what better way to start it off than putting some money on hoping to make a nice profit.

The bet

I had Spurs, Everton and Fulham all to win. I also had QPR to draw their game.

Stake: 1.00
Potential return: 26.31

West Ham vs Tottenham Hotspur

The first half didn’t start very well, but there was a key turning point early into it. Kyle Naughton gave away a penalty and got sent off as a result. It was a penalty but a red card was very harsh, and made it difficult for us to play with one less player on the pitch. Noble missed the penalty, after having scored 10 penalties consecutively previously. Dier moved to right back and Capoue went to centre back. The game got better for us upon the arrival of Andros Townsend, he was one of the few players that was willing to take a shot at goal. Then Collins got sent off for having received two yellows. This evened out the game as each had now had one sent off. Right at the end of the game Downing was sure to score, but Lloris saved us, yet again. Shortly after, Dier was put through from a pass by Harry Kane,he then got around the keeper and scored! A 90th minute goal on his debut kept my accumulator alive.

Leicester vs Everton

McGeady opened the scoring on the 20th minute mark, with a quality finish in the top corner, avoiding the defenders that were standing on the line trying to stop him. An equaliser came almost straight after, on 22 minutes a corner was whipped in, the ball bounced around a bit, but then Ulloa was able to score making it 1-1. Naismith then scored right on the brink of half time with another good finish. Everton lead at half time. For the 2nd half it seemed as if my accumulator was going to continue but then at the end, with only 5 minutes left of play, Leicester equalised, the accumulator was ruined.

QPR vs Hull

The goal came in the 52nd minute from a corner. There was no one at the back post and Ferdinand didn’t stay with his man, this cost QPR a goal, Hull lead 1-0. QPR got a penalty late on, and missed it, this was justice though as it clearly wasn’t a penalty. Another part of my accumulator wrong.

Fulham vs Millwall

Millwall scored after a failed clearance by Scott Parker, and Fulham were unable to get a goal back, let alone the two they needed. Thankfully it wasn’t just Fulham that ruined my chances of winning any money this week.


The season started with a series of unpredictable results, I blame this for my accumulator being pretty dire. I intend to turn this into a weekly thing, and seeing how much money I spend and make over the course of the season.

So far

Placed: 1.00
Returned: 0.00

Thank you for reading this post. I’ve reached a milestone, this was my tenth post! Many thanks to everyone who’s read it, commented on it, and shared it. You can contact me on twitter: @sneeky_09 or via email: