The Not so Fantastic Four

After conceding four to City in our last game, I’m going to look at the four main problems with the Spurs at the moment.


I do not normally like to say a bad word about lamela, he hasn’t had much time at the club, but I do feel he needs to improve. He’s to blame for the goal against Arsenal, the first against City and arguably the first penalty (although I would’ve had it down as a dive). He certainly has some quality, but he’s not showing it at the moment and his mistakes are showing to be costly. I feel his place should be given to someone else, until he can prove he deserves it.

Individual errors

Time and time again you see our players make mistakes. I’ve just singled out Lamela, but he’s not the only one, many others make mistakes that lead to goals. This is something that needs to be stopped, otherwise points will be thrown away, and there won’t be any chance of us getting top 4.

No consistent striker

We don’t have a striker that scores regularly. Adebayor literally scores when he wants, if he can be bothered he is brilliant, if he isn’t bothered, he is terrible. Soldado proved he is a good player, with his performance against City, but he still hasn’t got his goal scoring record on track. He missed a penalty, but had a much better overall game than Adebayor has had recently. We really do need to buy a striker in January.


We need to sort it out in two ways.

The first is the fans. They treat Spurs as a top 4 club, which we are not. When a player misplaces a pass, there’s moans around the stadium, the players are not perfect, we as the fans, need to get off their backs and start supporting them. I really think the atmosphere needs to improve, it can only have a positive impact on the players. If we stop having such a high expectation it will take the pressure off the players and help them to play well.

The players also need to change their mentality. When we are down by a goal or two the players seem to almost give up – it doesn’t seem like they want to try to make a comeback. If you look at the Man City game, we did initially do well to equalise, but then at 3-1 we didn’t go for it anymore, whether this was because we were a man down I don’t know. There was one point that stood out to me the most, Townsend had run to the City half, but there wasn’t anyone in the box, Eriksen and Soldado were the closest but neither were in a good position. It’s almost as if the players had given up hope for the game by that point. Maybe if the atmosphere was better, it would rally the players more in these situations and make them want to keep going.


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