Why Soldado IS a £26 million player

Despite how poor he has been during his time, I still think he has got the quality that warranted the fee we paid.

The problem
The problem is something that has been pointed out time and time again: he doesn’t get any service. You will often see him drifting out wide, just to get a touch of the ball. The problem is, he needs to be in the box, he needs be waiting there ready to pounce on an opportunity and capitalise on it. Being a lone striker makes it harder because he can’t do that, he has to be more involved.

Selling him is NOT an option. If we sold him to pretty much any team he would score a lot more then he does now. This is especially true if we sold him to a team like Arsenal, they can’t a high amount of chances in a game, and supply their striker quite regularly. When they were relying on Sanogo, you could see they needed a striker that could actually finish, and they did buy another one.

I don’t think we do need to buy a new striker, I just think we need to change our style of play to help Soldado out and make sure he is getting the supply he needs to score goals.

Soldado isn’t terrible, he just needs much more support from the rest of the team, and this something that will need to be addressed by Poch if we want any chance of challenging for one of those top 4 spots.

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