Spurs vs WBA and general review

After the West Brom game I thought it was necessary to share my thoughts on the game, and the season so far.

First half
In the first half we seemed to struggle to do anything, most of the time we were just hitting long hopeful balls to Adebayor, which didn’t go very well. West Brom had the better chances.

Second half
We tended to pass the ball into the middle and then get crowded out. Lamela was constantly asking for the ball, but didn’t have many options when receiving it. West brom scored from a corner, no one was marking properly and they scored.

Our performances
From what I’ve seen so far, we can keep the ball fairly well and not make too many mistakes, although when we play out of defence, it does seem to be quite poor. Lamela wants the ball all the time and wants to do well which is great. Chadli is very inconsistent, sometimes he will play well, sometimes he will be invisible. What seems to be our key problem is we don’t have someone that will take a shot, everyone is looking for a pass, that’s what we miss from Defoe or even Townsend. If we don’t shoot we can’t score.

Our atmosphere at Spurs still isn’t as good as it should be and I pin it down to one thing, the fans expectations. The fans seem to have a mentality of a top 4 club, but currently we are not one. This leads the fans to get frustrated easily as a top 4 club should be doing better. Until we get top 4 on a regular basis, we can’t afford to have this mentality as it will lead to disappointment.

What our aims should be
We don’t have much of a chance of getting top 4 this year, with the amount of teams competing for it. I think we should aim for a trophy, wether that be the europa league or the fa cup, any trophy would make it a successful season.


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