With the season still seeming like a long way away, and only pre season matches to entertain ourselves many people end up spending their time on twitter following accounts known as ITK accounts. These accounts claim to be “in the know” and their aim is to post transfers before you will see them anywhere else. I don’t think these accounts are reliable but I still think they can be worth following.

Their Sources

Most of the time they seem to just take information off each other which obviously isn’t as reliable as sources such as sky sports etc. It also seems that they just make educated guesses based on other news and what agents have come out and said, which again isn’t always fully reliable.

Accounts I’ve seen

I once followed one of the first itk accounts known as agent itk, and at first it seemed like he knew what he was talking about, but then he made a promise to spurs fans, a promise that Leandro Damiao was coming to spurs. That didn’t happen and he was humiliated.

There was also a Chelsea dedicated itk account a couple of years ago that said Hazard would go to Chelsea before he went there. He got it right and people thought that meant he was trustworthy. He later came out saying that he made the account for a laugh over the summer and getting transfers correct was just a lucky guess.


Overall I would say it might be worth your time following these types of accounts because it helps you to keep up to date with the latest transfer gossip, and not miss out on any rumours. I wouldn’t use for anything more than that though, don’t take their word, and believe what they say will happen, just use it to get an idea of what’s going on in the footballing world.

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