Why Lloris is sold next year

Hugo is definitely one of our key players at the club. He has recently signed a 5 year contract at the club, but I reckon he won’t be at the club any longer than a year. Here’s my reasons why:

Although I wrote a lot of good things about levy in a previous post (see here: http://tinyurl.com/komapmf) he has got a reputation for selling our best players. He sold Modric and Bale, so it’s likely he will sell Lloris at some point.

Recent Trend

Carrying on from my last point, both Modric and Bale signed big contracts for Spurs before leaving to Real Madrid soon after. It looks like Hugo will be following this trend having just signed a new contract himself.

Our “special” agreement

Our link with Real Madrid hasn’t really done us any favours. What it has done is make it easier for Madrid to buy players from us. They’ve bought Modric and Bale, they’ll more then likely buy another of our star players.


After the signing of a keeper of a good quality it’s likely he will have been bought with the idea he will at some point be replacing Hugo as our main keeper. Currently he will just be replacing Friedel, as the backup keeper, but I see him having a more important role in the future.


Overall I would say there is a very high chance of him leaving, he will be hugely missed.

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2 thoughts on “Why Lloris is sold next year

  1. Seems a shame to let a player like Hugo go. but at least with a 5 year contract we’ll get decent money. If we qualify for champo league, or make some actual progress I’m sure we can keep hold of him!

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