Nabil Bentaleb-First Team Material?

Nabil Bentaleb featured in the first team 15 times last season, which is impressive considering he is only 19 years old, but did he deserve his place in the team or was it another mistake by manager at the time, Tim Sherwood?


Nabil has been given 8 awards in total by squawka for good play during a match. This includes 3 best player of the team awards which is particularly impressive as it shows he is able to out perform our best players at such a young age. He was also given 3 for best possession of the ball which highlights his ability of keeping and passing the ball. He also won 2 for best defence, this shows that not only can he keep and pass the ball successfully but he can also track back and help out the defence when he is needed to.

Overall Opinion

Overall I would definitely say that I am glad that Bentaleb was introduced into the first team. He has already showed signs that he deserves a place in the squad if not the first team, and at 19 years of age he can only improve. I would also say he is extremely under-rated, even by spurs fans. I would put this down to the bias some spurs fans had against Tim Sherwood, which caused them to dislike everything he did,including the introduction of Bentaleb. Although I personally didn’t like Tim Sherwood, I do think that his decision to include Nabil in the first team was a good one, and it should be something we, as spurs fans, should be thankful for. I would also say that if Bentaleb was in Manchester City’s or Manchester United’s squad, possibly even the Arsenal squad, people would rate him much higher then they currently do.

His Future

I’m sure that Bentaleb will turn into a quality player, so expect him to be involved in a transfer scandal involving Spanish paper Marca and Real Madrid, in a few years time!

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