World Cup predictions

The World Cup has just begun so I thought I’d do a set of predictions, I’ll add a top 3 and a “one to watch” for each section. Be sure to save this to look at it, at a future date and see how accurate I was!

Winners (not necessarily in this order) :

One to watch:

I’ve gone with Brazil for the winners, although they’ve got the added pressure of being the home nation and the fact they didn’t play at their best against Croatia yesterday, they were still able to come away with a convincing 3-1 victory in their first game. That’s pretty impressive and I think that shows they’ve got the ability to go all the way.

Argentina have got a good side with the likes of Messi and Aguero, it’s definitely good enough to go far. Also being a South American team they won’t have a problem with the heat like the European teams will.

I’ve gone for Germany in 3rd place. They’re always under rated as a side and always end up finishing in a higher position then expected. The only problem is they’ve only got one out and out striker but I don’t think that’ll be too much of a problem for them.

I’ve put Croatia as the team to watch as I think they’ve got a good squad with the likes of Lovren, Modric and Kovacic and they play good football and create chances quite well. As you could see from how they played against Brazil although they weren’t able to come away with any points.

Top Scorers:

One to watch:

Neymar was an easy choice for me as I already thought Brazil will at least reach the final, so the best option was to go with their striker. He’s already proven himself with an impressive two goals in his opening game.

It’s Messi’s time to prove himself, he knows if he plays well and wins this World Cup he will probably go down as one of the best if not the best ever. He’s definitely got the ability to do it.

I’ve gone for Aguero purely because I think Argentina will go far, and he’s got an impressive record for his club with 17 goals in 23 Premier League games for City last year, he also scored 6 goals in his 6 Champions League appearances.

Klose is my one to watch mainly because he is the only striker for Germany meaning he is more likely to be a regular starter. Also he has always been a good goal scorer at the international competitions, especially in the World Cup where he has 14 goals in 19 matches to his name.

So there are my predictions, let’s see how well they do!


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