Nabil Bentaleb-First Team Material?

Nabil Bentaleb featured in the first team 15 times last season, which is impressive considering he is only 19 years old, but did he deserve his place in the team or was it another mistake by manager at the time, Tim Sherwood?


Nabil has been given 8 awards in total by squawka for good play during a match. This includes 3 best player of the team awards which is particularly impressive as it shows he is able to out perform our best players at such a young age. He was also given 3 for best possession of the ball which highlights his ability of keeping and passing the ball. He also won 2 for best defence, this shows that not only can he keep and pass the ball successfully but he can also track back and help out the defence when he is needed to.

Overall Opinion

Overall I would definitely say that I am glad that Bentaleb was introduced into the first team. He has already showed signs that he deserves a place in the squad if not the first team, and at 19 years of age he can only improve. I would also say he is extremely under-rated, even by spurs fans. I would put this down to the bias some spurs fans had against Tim Sherwood, which caused them to dislike everything he did,including the introduction of Bentaleb. Although I personally didn’t like Tim Sherwood, I do think that his decision to include Nabil in the first team was a good one, and it should be something we, as spurs fans, should be thankful for. I would also say that if Bentaleb was in Manchester City’s or Manchester United’s squad, possibly even the Arsenal squad, people would rate him much higher then they currently do.

His Future

I’m sure that Bentaleb will turn into a quality player, so expect him to be involved in a transfer scandal involving Spanish paper Marca and Real Madrid, in a few years time!

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A Hipster’s Guide to the World Cup- Teams

Is backing Brazil or Argentina to win the World Cup too mainstream for you?! Well I’ve got the answer to your problems!

Alternative teams:

The most obvious country to choose would be Belgium. They’ve got a good, mainly young squad with a lot of talent. They proved their worth with a 2-1 comeback in their first group game against Algeria. They are a highly recognised team and expected to do well.

Another good team to back would be Croatia as I wrote about in my previous post(see here: they’ve got a good team and play good football. Although they lost to Brazil in their opening game, they proved they are a team worth including. Also with their 4-0 win yesterday, they’re even more impressive.

One country you should keep an eye out for is Columbia. They’ve got players such as Armero, Zuniga and Monaco midfielder James Rodriguez. They’ve already proven they can do well with an impressive 3-0 win over Greece.

Uruguay have a trio of good forwards, with Cavani, Forlan and Premier League top scorer Suarez meaning they’ve definitely got some firepower if nothing else, but with a tough group including England, Italy they may not even qualify for the later stages.

Costa Rica may not have many recognisable names but they’ve proven they’re a decent side and can certainly create chances. They were able to pull off a 3-1 win against Uruguay and might be able to pull off an upset and qualify over England or Italy for the later stages.

Chile will definitely be worth looking out for,as they have shown they’re a good side by confirming their place in the next stage of the competition after a convincing 2-0 win over world champions Spain, knocking them out of the World Cup. They play good attacking football that has already seen them score an impressive 5 goals in 2 games, only conceding 1.

My last team is Bosnia and Herzegovina. They’ve got Manchester City’s Eden Dzeko and Roma star Miralem Pjanic who had 7 goals and 7 assists for Roma last season and was given an average rating of 7.48(from Also with a narrow loss to Argentina, they’ve shown they are capable to play well and create chances even against the best teams.

Here are the odds of each team winning the World Cup (accurate of the time of writing the blog):
•Belgium 20/1
•Croatia 200/1
•Columbia 33/1
•Uruguay 100/1
•Costa Rica 250/1
•Chile 20/1
•Bosnia and Herzegovina 150/1

The chances of one of these teams winning the World Cup is 16%, not too bad seeing as we’ve not gone for any of the majorly popular teams!

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World Cup predictions

The World Cup has just begun so I thought I’d do a set of predictions, I’ll add a top 3 and a “one to watch” for each section. Be sure to save this to look at it, at a future date and see how accurate I was!

Winners (not necessarily in this order) :

One to watch:

I’ve gone with Brazil for the winners, although they’ve got the added pressure of being the home nation and the fact they didn’t play at their best against Croatia yesterday, they were still able to come away with a convincing 3-1 victory in their first game. That’s pretty impressive and I think that shows they’ve got the ability to go all the way.

Argentina have got a good side with the likes of Messi and Aguero, it’s definitely good enough to go far. Also being a South American team they won’t have a problem with the heat like the European teams will.

I’ve gone for Germany in 3rd place. They’re always under rated as a side and always end up finishing in a higher position then expected. The only problem is they’ve only got one out and out striker but I don’t think that’ll be too much of a problem for them.

I’ve put Croatia as the team to watch as I think they’ve got a good squad with the likes of Lovren, Modric and Kovacic and they play good football and create chances quite well. As you could see from how they played against Brazil although they weren’t able to come away with any points.

Top Scorers:

One to watch:

Neymar was an easy choice for me as I already thought Brazil will at least reach the final, so the best option was to go with their striker. He’s already proven himself with an impressive two goals in his opening game.

It’s Messi’s time to prove himself, he knows if he plays well and wins this World Cup he will probably go down as one of the best if not the best ever. He’s definitely got the ability to do it.

I’ve gone for Aguero purely because I think Argentina will go far, and he’s got an impressive record for his club with 17 goals in 23 Premier League games for City last year, he also scored 6 goals in his 6 Champions League appearances.

Klose is my one to watch mainly because he is the only striker for Germany meaning he is more likely to be a regular starter. Also he has always been a good goal scorer at the international competitions, especially in the World Cup where he has 14 goals in 19 matches to his name.

So there are my predictions, let’s see how well they do!

Levy- Hero or Zero?

Levy, the penny pinching wheeler dealer is hated, or at least disliked by many spurs fans, but is that fair? Does he deserve the stick he gets from some fans, or should he be given some more credit?


Deadline Day

Levy has become known for his deadline day bargains he manages to bag every year (bar last year where we spent our bale money early on).
He has been able to get Robbie Keane back at spurs after a short spell at Liverpool, we also got Rafa Van der Vaart, and Niko Kranjcar on deadline day deals, resulting in them being cheaper than if we had to buy them earlier on. Niko and Rafa proved to be helpful in getting us our first champions league spot ever. We also got Clint Dempsey who scored vital goals for us including against Man United twice. Another major transfer for us on deadline day was Hugo LLoris who proved himself to be one of the key men at the club, he makes key saves time and time again, which often prove to be vital in the outcome of the match.

Last Season’s Transfers:

Most people see last season’s transfers as a failure but I think that is wrong. Lamela has already been labelled as a flop but he is yet to make a start in the premier league so how can he be a flop if he has yet to have had his chance to show his true ability?! Soldado didn’t have the best of starts to his Spurs career but i believe he still has a chance to turn it around and start scoring regularly, especially with the right manager. Paulinho hasn’t been as good as he should’ve been for the price we paid, but I believe it’s at least partly due to him being played in the wrong role, most of the season he played without a defensive midfielder along side him meaning he couldn’t go as far forward as he would’ve liked. The last day of the season showed this when Sandro played along side Paulinho when he scored and played a lot better overall. Capoue played brilliantly in his first few games until he was struck with injury. We also got Nacer Chadli, who I don’t think is goof enough for the 1st team. Christian Eriksen was definitely our star signing, he proved week in, week out why he deserves a place at the club.

New stadium:

The new stadium was something that was started by Levy and is something we should definitely be thankful for. A new stadium will definitely help the club to grow, it can help with an increase in revenue as well as increasing the club’s reputation.


I wrote a lot about managers in one of my previous posts(see here: but to sum up what I said, I think our new appointment will help to bring our club back to winning trophies.



Levy is known for his negotiating and this normally causes him to be quite unpopular with spurs fans. We can sometimes miss out on transfer targets because of his need to get a player for as cheap as possible, which obviously can be frustrating as a spurs fan.

New stadium:

Although the development of a new stadium is a good thing, the only real progress we’ve seen from it is the new giant Sainsbury’s near by. This isn’t exactly Levy’s fault but it still isn’t great.


The only problem I have with Daniel regarding managers is the sacking of AVB, I don’t think he should’ve sacked him if his replacement was going to be Tim. Aside from that I think levy has made the right call with managers.


I would put levy as a hero, he normally makes good transfers which improve the quality of the squad. His negotiating means that we are able to get the highest amount of money we can for a player, this was shown from the sale of Bale to Real Madrid, he probably wasn’t worth £86 million but he was still able to get that much for him. I would definitely say I’d rather have him then most chairmen out there, that’s obviously not including the sugar daddy ones!

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