Spurs-Then, Recently and The Future


It was a cold Tuesday night and the crowd were on their feet, he’s done it again, Bale skins Maicon and runs down the left flank and hits a killer ball right into the 6 yard box for Pavlyuchenko to score the 3rd goal of the night! The crowd goes wild! They can hardly believe it, Tottenham Hotspur have beaten the champions of Europe at White Hart Lane!

No I wasn’t dreaming, this was the 2010/2011 season. What a season it was, we had everything, a good team, we were playing exciting football, and there was an amazing atmosphere at the lane.

Why Didn’t it Last?!

The main problem was we didn’t build on the team we had, we had Modric, Van der Vaart in his prime, and Bale, what happened to them?! Oh that’s right we sold them for a nice bit of profit.

We also sacked our manager Harry Redknapp but I don’t see that as a mistake. For a start I think we actually under achieved while he was in charge, in both the seasons we got 4th place, we started off higher and ended up slipping and settling for 4th. Sacking Redknapp did however lead to us to losing our fast attacking football.


After Reknapp’s reign he was replaced by AVB, and this is when we lost our attacking football. I’m not slating AVB but Tottenham fans crave attacking football or what they often refer to as “the Tottenham way”of playing, Andre however preferred a slower tempo game, a lot of spurs fans blamed this for the reason the atmosphere at WHL is no longer anywhere near as good.

In Andre’s first season after an exciting season we narrowly missed out on fourth place, the fans kept the faith in belief that the next season would be better. As usual spurs fans were too optimistic and after heavy defeats to man city and Liverpool Andre’s time at the club was cut short, which I think was a mistake as AVB had not had time to decide what his best XI was, bearing in mind we made 7 signings in the summer. The team hadn’t even had time to gel before another manager was gone.

Then everybodies favourite manager, Tim Sherwood took charge, at first it was great! Our first game he played a positive, attacking 442 formation and we beat Southampton 3-2 in an exciting game. He even excited the fans telling them he thinks he will get this team top 4 again without needing to make any changes. It seemed very positive, but then Tim decided to revert back to 1 striker and the football became less enjoyable to watch. Along then came heavy defeats to City and Chelsea, and Tim had started blaming the fact the players weren’t his and he should be given the job full time to choose who stays and who goes(imagine if his wish was granted!). Tim then decides to go back to 442 but the football still wasn’t exciting to watch and results weren’t very good, including getting knocked out of the Europa league by Benfica and drawing with West Brom. The season finished with a disappointing 6th and yet another manager sacked(in this case it was the right call).

The Future

I have to say I think the future is bright with our new appointment(i will probably be saying that very same statement in 6-18 months time!). Pochettino encourages attacking football, something I can’t wait to have at the lane again! He’s also good at bringing young talent though the youth system, which you can see from what he did at Southampton. He also is good at getting the best out of his players and you can see how the players at Southampton seemed to think very highly of him. We need this at spurs as this seemed to be one of the main problems when Sherwood was in charge, none of them seemed to like him, and he would publicly slate them, making things even worse.


I’m not expecting anything for the upcoming season. The main thing I want is to be able to go to spurs and say after it “I enjoyed today, it was a good game”. I’m also hoping for a good cup run, but I’m not expecting top 4 at all, next season is all about building on what we have and improving, we can’t rush and expect top 4 straight away, we have to give our manager time!


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